Tribute Series :: Final Results

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The Final Results of the Tribute Series 2011 have been published by the CPGA today. Well done to Falmouth for winnng every category, excepting that of the Under 16s which was won by Fowey.


The results have apparently been amended according to the rulings made regarding tied places within the top three of each race category, as published to all, prior to the Tribute races this year.
There are a number of tied positions which have been marked on the table.
Any shaded cell represents clubs that have not fielded crews in those specific categories.

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  1. MAP

    I can’t understand how Falmouth won, Mevagissey was cancelled, Weymouth was declared a non tribute because not enough clubs turned up, they were disqualified at Rame, so that only leaves 2 results to count. Yet Caradon had 3 results to count, so how did Falmouth win the Series? Will we get an answer from the CPGA, I doubt out, it took them at least 4 weeks to announce the result after Rame perhaps they were trying to get around the Falmouth not winning problem!!!!

  2. ABC

    You need to be sure of your facts MAP. Weymouth was not declared a ‘non tribute’ due to lack of attendance, only those events where less than 12 crews registered where non tribute – the other races counted towards the series.

  3. Lucy

    Just to point out that Falmouth were not disqualified at Rame as the CPGA announced on the day. This meant all Mens and Ladies senior crews won every one of their races of the series attending all 4 events that went ahead, hence the overall win.

    • MAP

      Hi ABC,

      The problem with no information, it causes misinformation.
      First we are told Weymouth will be non tribute because not enough clubs took part,then we are told, over a month later, that only certain heats would be classed as Tribute. At Rame it is announced on the day, and in the WMN, with quotes from a Rame representative, that Falmouth were disqualified in the Mens A Heat for finishing the wrong side of a finishing Buoy, after all the coxes were told about it at the coxes meeting.Then we are told several weeks after the event this decision had been over turned, how?
      It then takes the CPGA at least 4 weeks to publish the final results.
      We need to get info out to the competitors and general public faster to avoid this sort of mistunderstanding taking place.
      It still looks like there is something fishy going on, I don’t disbute Falmouth Mens have been the best crew this year, but rules are rules and they can’t be altered just because the best crew doesn’t win. That’s what racing is all about, upsets happen. It’s why we all still compete, knowing on a good day if the favourites make a mistake or get dq’d we might have a chance of beating them.

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