Giggers Goo?

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Hi all,
My name is Lisa I am Ladies Captain of Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club.
I have found a product that I think ought to be available to all Gig rowers.
I rowed to Lundy from Clovelly last year and in the process gained an extremely sore ar*e…anyway my husband works for a company which has links to another company who supply Yottie Bottie to the Yachting fraternity.
This lotion is for a similar ailment as Gig Ar*e but they tend to get it from leaning on their rails…
My husband managed to get me a freebie to try it out and it is fantastic stuff. He got some for our club and so far everyone who has used it is more than happy with the results. A few other clubs have had some with the same results.
I was wondering if you could put a link to the website advertising it. It has been relabelled Giggers Goo.
The guy you would need to talk to is Paul Grunhut and his email is
I will leave it with you….it is for the benefit of the whole Gigging world!!
Yours sincerely
Lisa Furborough
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