Cliff Fall Boy in 24 hour “Rowathon” for Rescue Organisations

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Cliff Fall Boy in 24 hour “Rowathon” for Rescue Organisations

On 12th April, 13 year old Billy Benton from Church Street in Helston will take part in a 24 hour rowing marathon being held at the new Tesco’s Supermarket in Helston. Billy will be joined by his rowing colleagues from Coverack Gig Club to help raise money for the RNLI, Cornwall Air Ambulance and Coverack Gig Club.

Billy has had firsthand experience of both of these organisations after a freak accident at a rowing event he was taking part in last year.  In August Billy had been rowing at the Buller Day event at Cadgwith with Coverack Gig Club and later in the day was standing on the cliff top watching his mother row in her race when out of the blue the cliff gave way underneath him. Billy fell around 20 feet into a rock pool below.

Luckily people from the Lizard Lifeboat were on hand that day, and with the aid of paramedics and the Cornwall Air Ambulance Billy was air lifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.  Billy, remarkably, escaped the fall with only minor scratches and bruising, but ever since the incident Billy has wanted to show his support and repay the organisations for their help on that day. Billy a former Parc Eglos Primary School pupil and now at Mullion School, said:

“This came to me as an idea when I was in hospital last August following a treacherous fall off a cliff at Cadgwith Buller day.  I was helped by the Lizard lifeboat crew who were off duty at the time and the Cornwall Air Ambulance.  I was ever so grateful for the help that I received and I thought I should repay the favour.  I hope this challenge will help to raise a considerable amount of money to help both the Cornwall Air Ambulance and RNLI continue such great work.”

“I would also like to thank Tesco Helston for allowing us to stage this event at the store”

Throughout the 24 hour challenge club members will be rowing for 30 minute stints on the rowing machine before swapping over, with the overall goal of keeping the rowing machine ‘alive’ for the full 24 hours.  As well as the ‘Rowathon’ Coverack Gig Club members will be lending shoppers a helping hand on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of April by offering to pack their shopping bags at the tills.

Billy will get the ‘Rowathon’ underway at 6pm on Tuesday evening with his fellow rowers continuing through the night and the following day. Billy said:

“I really hope that all the shoppers and local residents will come out and lend their support to this challenge and to these worthy causes”.

Please come and support the RNLI, Air Ambulance and Coverack Gig Club in the 24 hour ‘Rowathon’.

Article composed by Adam Hocking

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