3 Rivers 2011 :: results

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Caradon kicked off the 2011 Cornish Pilot Gig racing season with the challenging 3 Rivers race from Saltash. A sunny and fast race this year without the icy blasts of 2010!

Full results: Download results here (PDF)

Ladies winners Falmouth, Mens winners Caradon and combined winners were Falmouth.

Photos : http://www.cornwall-photos.com/cat/10620/caradon-3-rivers-race/1

:: Ladies top 10 :: 1. Black Rock (50:05 – Falmouth)
2. Essa (50:25 – Caradon)
3. Taran (51:52 – Mounts Bay)
4. Messack (52:40 – Truro)
5. Petroc (53:18 – Caradon?)
6. Pedn Billy (54:01 – Helford)
7. Wolf (54:11 – Salcombe)
8. Drake (55:12 – Cattewater)
9. Pinnacle (55:37 – Flushing/Mylor)
10. Morgan (55:47 – Teign)
:: Mens top 10 :: 1. Essa (44:20 – Caradon)
2. Black Rock (44:35 – Falmouth)
3. Ryder (45:56 – Looe)
4. Taran (46:17 – Mounts Bay)
5. Petroc (47:16 – Caradon)
6. Pedn Billy (47:50 – Helford)
7. Irene Too (48:00 – Falmouth)
8. Pinnacle (48:07 – Flushing/Mylor)
9. Tristan (48:18 – Weymouth)
10. Drake (48:34 – Cattewater)

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  1. Rowingnighthawk

    Mmmmmm don’t you just love it when you know a team could quite easily of won if equipment e.g boats where all of the same era for instance the Looe A crew an amazing result yet there boat was nineteen years old so imagine the pure destruction would they would of caused to the placings if the had a new boat soooooo watch out guys scillys is just around the corner

    • Musto

      Yes, mainly full-on race boats in the top 10, but with a few “club gigs” thrown into the mix too…will be interesting to see what happens when the playing field is levelled!

  2. Steve

    Rowingnighthawk, you say looe could ‘quite easily have won’ – they got beaten by well over a minute. Would you prefer it if all the top crews rowed their old boats to keep you and looe happy?

  3. Rowingnighthawk

    Hello steve i think u have clearly got the wrong end of the stick here and i am not in anyway trying to take away the very respectable achievments of both caradon and falouth but yes i do believe there is teams out there not just looe whos clearly lesser equipment doesnt do there rowing skill justice and if there were to be a level playing field both the likes of caradon and falmouths minute lead would be nothing but a distant memory of there better days, i do accept that you will say that if looe COULD of quite eisily won there would of been a smaller gap between looe and falmouth but if you firstly take into acoount the nineteen year diffrence in age and looe’s badly leaking boat in the form of a damaged bow plank it would been a difrent result for the 2011 looe A crew and that caradons over all dominance of the mens sections shouldnt always been accepted when looe’s New boat is on the start next to Essa and the Black rock i also realise there is the likes of par and fowey who last year both came higher at scillys but a year is a long time to home the skills of a crew. Steve i do hope you do not take offence to this but now regognise the possiblity that looe is a definate competitor and rival to the caradon teams of which im guessing you are heavilly involved in.

    • Looe Rower

      As a heavily involved member of Looe Rowing Club with close relationships to the crews mentioned by Rowingnighthawk I would like to express the fact that the views here expressed by Rowingnighthawk are not the feelings of the rowers mentioned, nor anyone in that club.
      Rowingnighthawk, your statements are irresponsible and your views immature. The responses made to your original and subsequent posts are fair. Please refrain from further posting comments that assume and infer opinions of others. As well as this, if you feel your opinions R.E. other clubs needs to be published please do not associate yourself with Looe when doing so because, as highlighted, these are not the feelings of the club.

    • Sam

      By a level playing ground i think your refering to Newquay?! I take nothing away from Looe they’ve got great crew but not quite there with Caradon or Par just yet…….

  4. Matt P

    Are the graphics of the Three Rivers race results complete, ie do they show all the boats in the races ?
    Re the men’s race, they seem to show Truro’s Messack in last position.
    Despite a comically cocked up start (entirely our own fault), which saw us crossing the start line minutes behind everybody else, I could have sworn that we managed to pass three other boats.
    I presume that the % scale of the graphics refers to each boat’s finish time as a percentage in excess of the winning boat’s time ?

    • Musto

      Hi, yes percentage off time of winning crew. We just used the results sheet as provided by Caradon shore crew, if there’s a mistake we’ll obviously adjust. Last on the list was Jupiter (i think) with a DNF, but can’t show that on the result graph as a %.

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