Newquay Men's stat action part 1

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Forget the rowing, show me the graphs comparing 2009 to 2010 (!), who’s going up and who’s going down…well, here you are! (graphs for the finals to follow).

The tables and graphs show just how much you need to listen when your cox shouts “come on, it’s against the clock“. In the 2010 quarters, check the 3% club, there are 7 boats seperated by just 7 seconds. This is going to put huge pressure on the system of timing at an event so is the luck of the draw, weather or even a finger on a stopwatch able to have too much of an influence? Should video recording of every start and finish be mandatory at all events? What about marathon style event clocks ?

GigRower will be covering the London Great River Race this coming weekend where they use GPS trackers in every boat. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare on the 35+ gigs that are taking part.

Plus, are crews getting more even? Have a look at how close the bars are in the quarters in 2010 compared to the fairly linear progression in 2009.

2010 QuarterFinals and SemiFinals…

2009 QuarterFinals and SemiFinals…

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    • Musto

      Totally agree, but – there’s no mention on the results sheets of where or how much penalty was applied.

      And, we could remove the time penalties and recalculate the stats but that’d be a bit like saying “well, we’d have won the F1 Grand Prix had it not been for that pesky penalty for speeding in the pit lane”. Race lap time + penalties = your crew’s competition lap time even if a “flying lap” on your own would have been faster…

  1. Little Miss Stretcher Breaker

    and that the time penalites applied for pile ups on the marks which also cost those involved around another 30 seconds disentangling themselves and restarting, 1st mark SF1 and 3rd in the finals for example. Although marks require technique and coxing skills which is why they are so much more interesting to watch and compete in than straight sprints of brute force and comparative ignorance.
    Can you work out average stroke rates as well? I would but I’m arithmetically challenged!

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