Newquay 2010 :: Ladies Day 1

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Day 1

After a very long first round and the second round, day one is complete. With a small swell rolling in and a strong SEE wind coming across the bay, it made for generally flat conditions. The first round started at about 10:15am and finished at about 4:00pm. The second round then got under way with some tighter races as more the stronger crews got drawn together.

Second Round Results

With progression being the winner and 16 fastest losers, it gave a lot of scope for qualifying for the quarter finals if you had a “tough heat”.

No Timings

This year saw the first round run with no timings after the massive dis-advantage it caused crews last year. Good job too! With the first round taking nearly 6 hours, the tide, wind and sea state can change dramatically, meaning crews in race one might have totally different conditions to crews in race sixteen. The second round was still run with timings over about a 2 and a half hour period. This still allows for a change of conditions. Should the racing at Newquay have no timings at all? Adopting the style of progression as seen at the mixed and veterans championships would see “fairer racing”. The possibility of running 3 heats of 4 as opposed to 2 heats of 6 would aid in fairing out progression.

Quarter Final Draw


Good luck to all crews competing tomorrow. The wind will be gusting slightly stronger so it could make for some interesting racing around the course.

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