Brabyn :: Padstow's new gig launch

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Padstow Rowing Club would very much like to invite all clubs to the launch of their new gig
‘ Brabyn ‘ on Saturday 5th June at 6.00pm on the main slip, inner harbour, and afterward at The Golden Lion public house.

See you there?

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15 Comments on "Brabyn :: Padstow's new gig launch"

    • James Stephens

      Hi Ben, I have a couple of pictures. My gran is a Brabyn and neice to Steve Brabyn who the boat was named after. Not many Brabyns about so guess you’re probably related. Padstow Gig Club kindly welcomed her at the launch and I’ve got some pictures. If you can send me your email address, I’ll send them on. cheers James

      • Hi James

        We must be cousins – my grandfather was a nephew of Steve Brabyn, and my father Freddy worked at the Brabyn boatyard for a while.

        My father died on 6th August, and I’ve already spoken to Paul Willis who has very kindly arranged for us to scatter his ashes from “Brabyn” this Sunday, the 15th.

        If you are nearby it would be a pleasure to meet you. The funeral is this Friday, the 13th in Westbury on Trym in Bristol at 2pm – all welcome, so please spread the word if you know any family members who might like to come.

        I’m ben (at) brabyn (dot) com

        Best wishes


        • Karen Brabyn Mallen

          Hello, Cousin!
          I’ve been following Brabyn information on the web for a few years now and I’m finally hitting the mother-lode. I live in New Jersey, USA and until recently have only had Brabyn stories from my Dad, William Brabyn. Thanks to the internet, I can actually contect with long-lost cousins. I’m decendened from William Henry b.1842 Padstow, d.19th Jan.1931 Egloshayle, married Eliza Jane Bate b1844 Port Isaac, d.6th March 1926 Egloshayle.
          Their children were: William (my great grandfather) b.1863 Glamorgan, d.29th Oct. 1898 HM Dockyard, Devonport
          Rosilia b.1865 Glamorgan
          James Henry b.3rd Aug. 1867 Hayle, d.17th Nov. 1919 in war service.
          Eliza Ann b.1871 Hayle
          Mary Jane b.1873 Illogan Bertha Maria b.1875 Padstow
          Helena b.1878 Padstow
          Lillian b.1880 Egloshayle
          Stephen Bate b.1883 Egloshayle, d. June 1964 Padstow (Uncle Stephen, who my Dad, met while stationed in England during WWII)

          There are 3 of us on Facebook, so look us up and we can try to fill in the blanks for each other.


          • Hi Karen

            First, apologies for the delayed response – I’ve been beyond the reach of the internet for the last week.

            I’ve just sent a friend request on FB, so hope to see you there. I’ll be able to send you a photo of the family grave in Egloshayle churchyard where many of our ancestors are buried. As well as William Henry and Eliza Jane Bate, the grave contains the ashes of my uncles Derek and Tony and now also a handful of my father’s ashes.

            My great grandfather was James Henry, also buried in the family plot, which makes you and me third cousins!

            Please let me know if you are planning a trip to the UK anytime and we can organise a get-together…

            Best wishes


        • Caroline Brabyn

          Hello Ben,

          I just wanted to pass on my condolences for your recent loss. I hope that the ceremony goes well this weekend.

          Stephen Brabyn was my great great uncle. My father, Gordon Brabyn, now 86, also helped out at the boat yard during the summers in his youth He would tell us about working on the ferry between Rock and Padstow.

          We spent our summer holidays down in Padstow when I was a child. That would have been in the late 1960s and early 1970s. My grand father, Vernon Brabyn, kept a small dingy at the harbor and his children and their families would go down for holidays. We grew up in the Slough and Reading area. I now live with my family near Ottawa, in Canada.

          The launch of the new gig has sent many ripples around the world. The electronic age is certainly helping the extended family to connect. I am trying to piece the family tree together.

          Best wishes,


          • Hi Caroline

            Apologies for the delayed response – I’ve been beyond the reach of the internet for the last week.

            After visiting the family plot in Egloshayle churchyard where our shared great grandfather, James Henry Brabyn is buried (your grandfather Vernon was brother to my grandfather Fred), we carried on to Padstow where the Padstow Pilot Gig Rowing Club were incredibly kind. Chairman Paul Willis and the Ladies First Crew (assisted or hindered by me rowing at bow) took “Brabyn” out of Padstow harbour and out into the Camel estuary, where we scattered my father’s ashes in the waters where he had sailed as a boy.

            I played there too as a boy in the late 70s, so we may even have sailed past each other around ’75, ’76?

            Please let me know if you are planning a trip to the UK anytime and we can organise a get-together…

            Best wishes


          • Rachel Murray

            Hi – I too think I am related. My mothers maiden name is Alison Brabyn (who I think is Carolines Cousin), my mothers brother is Martin Brabyn and their father is Michael James Brabyn (died 1994) who has a brother Gordon, I think there are 6 of them, including a sister Doris, who has sadly recently died. ANd also Kenneth Brabyn who died at 21years of age while in the Navy. Body never found.
            My grandad’s (Michael Brabyn) father is Vernon Brabyn, but I’m not sure who Vernons wife is as she had died before my mother was born.
            Vernon lived in Padstow (I think lol), my grandfather was born in Kent.
            I am currently doing the Brabyn FAmily tree so I would appreciate any help, and also to link you back to my mother as you are cousins. My mum thinks she only met Caroline once when she was little.
            I’m on facebook too. As Rachel Murray ([email protected])

            I hope to hear from you soon

            Rachel x

    • Robin Brabyn

      Hi Ben,

      My family will be down in Padstow from Sept 9th to Sept 16th this year (2011)

      Is it possible to arrange something so we can view the gig ?


      Robin Brabyn

      • paul willis

        hi robin. my name is paul willis chairman of padstow gig
        club. give me a call 01841 533479 see if we can sort something
        out to see brabyn.

  1. Julie Scott (nee Brabyn)

    Hi Ben

    My father Richard Brabyn has just died on 7th January funeral Friday 20th January at Penmount. I have a family tree which was left to me by my late sister in law and wondered if the Stephen Brabyn mentioned is Stephen Wellington Brabyn who amrried Elizabeth Jane Stephens I have a copy of the marriage certificate and many other copies of birtha nd death certificates but I have not tried to piece them together yet. My family were also related to the Padstow boat builders. I would be interested to learn more about the family and meet up.

  2. Pat Davey

    Hi, my grandmother was a Brabyn, Leah born 1887 I believe, in Cardiff. I’m at the start of a long trail here, I’m sure. Her father was Matthew, possibly John Matthew or Matthew John, also born in Cardiff and I think his father was Joseph, born about 1825. I know they were Padstow boatbuilders. My mother died in 2005 but she had already done some work on the family tree so I will let you know when I find more information. Best wishes to all Brabyns!

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