Scilly 2010 :: Veterans racing

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Murky and almost zero visibility for the ladies vets race early evening contrasted a bright and sunny sky for the mens race just 90 minutes later. Cloudy with a hint of everything seems the order of the day!

A fantastic start to the race weekend for local crews with a win in Emma Louise for IOS ladies, establishing a confident lead early on which they maintained. A good start line but some slight confusion over starting with some boats accelerating before other. In fact, there were only a couple of DSQs for transgressing the 1 minute rule (keep back behind the line in that 60 seconds before the start as it’s instant disqualification). Sadly the weather was awful with heavy rain and little visibility.

Men’s race was very closely fought with Flushing & Mylor vets crew in their first race together borrowing Par Bay’s Warrior (and causing much confusion for the press reporting on the beach) taking an early lead for the first 8-10 minutes. As the crews approached land there was nothing in it between the first 5 or 6 boats. Newquay surged forward and went deep inside towards the rocks but nearly missed the first yellow inner distance mark and had to make a quick course correction. They stayed ahead with Flushing & Mylor, Caradon and Roseland lined up behind for the last 5 minutes of wave troughs and surfing and all taking turns at 2nd place. Newquay managed to stay a length or two clear in the closing moments then came an all out finish from the next 4 boats. Over the last 100m it was still wide open with positions changing all the time. The finish line horn sounded Caradon 2nd by 1/2 a length from Flushing & Mylor and then another few feet to the Roseland crew. Nail biting stuff and according to spectators on the rocky shoreline, a great finish to watch.

Top 5’s –


1. Emma Louise (IOS)
2. Irene Too (Falmouth)
3. Pedn Billy (Helford)
4. Troy (Fowey)
5. Merthen (Helford)


1. Spy (Newquay)
2. Essa (Caradon)
3. Warrior (Flushing & Mylor)
4. Polvarth (Roseland)
5. Kensa (Mounts Bay)

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