British Rowing – coaches please read

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British Rowing message from Rhiannon Halliday –

Can I just remind everyone who has completed the fixed seat level 2 coaching course since 2006, that unless you’re British Rowing membership is in date then your coaching qualification is not valid.

All coaches qualified by British Rowing are required to be individual members of the association for insurance purposes, and this membership must be renewed annually. If you don’t wish to become a member then you also have the option of providing evidence of appropriate individual insurance covering coaching activities. However, please note that this is very unlikely to come under the club’s insurance policy, as it needs to be individual insurance. Generally the cheapest and quickest way to obtain this insurance is by being a British Rowing member, which is why we ask all coaches to do so when they sign up for the course. However this must be renewed annually for the qualification to remain valid.

I’ve just been checking through the British Rowing membership records to compile figures for the total number of coaches in the region. Of the 36 people from the CRA and CPGA who registered for the qualification more than 12 months ago, only 6 have renewed their British Rowing membership. This means that there are 30 people in clubs who believe themselves to be qualified coaches, possibly funded by their club, possibly using certificates for things such as Clubmark, who currently are no longer qualified. This also means that as a region our number of qualified coaches is very low, as those who appear within the statistics we compile only includes up to date members. This tends to make my life harder when i’m lobbying for funding, etc for future courses.

If your membership is out of date or due for renewal shortly, please could I ask that renew this as soon as possible. The membership you require is ‘Non-Racing’ which costs £22 per year.



Rhiannon Halliday
HSCT scholarship coach, Cornwall

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