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Thank you to Sally from Bridport Gig Club for sending in their quarterly newsletter which you can download here as a PDF.

Here is a sample: When Lis Dyer came to live in Dorset, the last thing she wanted to be was a gig widow. Four years later, Lis is the first to admit that she is now probably verging on the obsessive when it comes to gig rowing. “I row as often as humanly possible…I talk rowing, I think rowing, and where I started out just rowing I now also go spin-ning and circuit training and running in order to improve my rowing!”

The Dyers came to live in Lyme Regis so husband Paul could study at the Boat Building Academy. Along with other stu-dents at the school, he helped Gail McGarva build „Rebel‟, Lyme Regis‟ first gig. “I had absolutely no intention of rowing, and Paul wasn‟t going to row because I didn‟t want to be a gig widow!” The mind shift happened when Lis went to the Beale Park Boat Show. She was offered a row in a gig on display there, “Young Bristol” … read more

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