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Dear Gig Rowers,

I am currently working for British Rowing (formally the ARA) and part of my post is to complete a masters degree in sports development at Marjons university.

I am basing my 20,000 word dissertation on the issues surrounding the transition from junior to senior rowing.

Part of my preliminary research is to ask all clubs in the CPGA the following:

· In your club, is there is a drop off of rowers at the age of 16 once they have to leave the junior section?

· If so, could you give an indication of numbers?

The more clubs that reply to this initial question – the better evidence base I will have for the next phase.

For the majority of my research I am hoping to use a sample size of 10 gig clubs. If you and your club would be willing to help me by answering questionnaires, helping me talk to current and former members and maybe being interviewed, please could you indicate this in your reply. This would be a great opportunity to represent the views of your club!

This is a great opportunity to air any personal opinions as well as representing the views of your club. This will also build on informal questioning already undertaken by Mike white (junior rep for the CPGA). I am hoping this study will help shape the future of junior rowing within the CPGA, highlight any areas for improvement and suggest developments for the future.

Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon.

Email: Rhiannon Halliday <[email protected]>


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  1. Brock Callen

    We have a growing interest here on Martha’s Vineyard in youth rowing. We have two six oar with cox cornish pilot gigs. I am curious; what is the entry point in the UK for junior rowers? Is it based on age and/or size?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


  2. Mike


    Juniors rowing Cornish Pilot Gigs currently have two ages catagories – U14 and U16s.

    There are no specific guidelines with regards ‘size’ of a junior – that is left to the clubs discretion though I know some have a minimum height thing, though generally people under the age of 12/13 are deemed not big enough to row a gig down to the boats general size and weight. There are exceptions, obviously!

    Slidings seat boats – I have no idea!


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