Elvis to compete in race :: He ain't dead

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Sorry for the delay but CIBRA (The Cornish Inflatable Boat Rowers Association) have only just ratified the results from the Helford Head of the river race after a competitor lodged a complaint that they were not taken seriously by the event organiser.  CIBRA have now received a written apology from Helford Gig Club and can confirm the following results …

1st: Hutch
2nd: Tinks




This years Head of the River Race at Helford will see a break away group of inflatable tenders taking part to mark the historic sale of ‘Elvis’.


Elvis is a 2.1m inflatable tender that started life in the fire services rescuing old ladies from flooded villages on the floodplains of Yorkshire, it is estimated that the little tender carried over 500 people to safety in its life before being bought by Sir Lulu Stevenson a retired Rear Admiral from the Hungarian Navy.  Records are then a little blurry through the late 90s until the boat appears on the registry of shipping belonging to Mike Crutch of Flushing.

Uncomfirmed rumors place the little tender off the African coast in 1996 and then on a small Duck Pond in Peru in 1999.

The famous tender will be competing in the Helford Head of the River Race this weekend and other inflatable tenders are invited to join in the race which will start around 2 hours before the other boats.


Each craft must carry …

It needs to be inflatable
Room for a small bookcase and selection of interesting novels
Flask of tea
Tweed jacket
Road map of West Cornwall
Radio (FM or AM)
Passengers (optional)
A crab knife
A selection of interesting cheeses

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  1. Musto

    I remember when Elvis spent time being used during special-ops training in Falmouth bay where the tough tender and equally tough operator are hurled out of the back of a C-130 at low level, no parachute and full of ammo. Without the superb and almost bullet-proof construction of these amazing craft it’s likely that there would be many more fatalities. A fitting testament to the original manufacturers that Elvis has lasted so long only needing odd minor patches.

  2. Lisa-Marie

    Oh to be able to ride on Elvis once more. A good pump, two trusty thin ally oars and the world is at your (wet) feet. Still love me tender.

  3. Derek

    Can I join CIBRA? I am a real fanatic for inflatible boats like that, I have a whole room dedicated to them! Life size pictures on the wall and everything..

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