Hobblers :: Rowing Hope to Scilly!

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Update – they made it in 14hr 29m!

A rowing crew called ‘The Hobblers” are currently rowing for Childrens Hospice South West from Newquay to Scilly.


They left Newquay at 2am this morning, spoke to Derek Applewhite on the support boat Applejack this morning at 6.25am and they were off the Stones (off Godrevy), by 7:30 they were a couple of miles off the Island at St Ives.

They are being supported by Atlanta and are rowing Hope.





Update: Tuesday 11:00 ”Hobblers are making good progress – they are off Longships on a 50 degrees 07 N, 05 degress 48 west”

Update from Radio Scilly: Tuedays 1300 Newquay Boys update… they’re 16 miles from St Martin’s Daymark which should take 3 to 4 hours to reach

Update: The Hobblers have landed at 15:05 they were 49 degrees 57 N and 06 degrees 12 W. So great effort – 14 hours and 29 minutes, fantastic lets hope that the giving to charity now goes well.

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  1. Dave Pearce

    Well good luck to you I hope the weather holds, I do believe that this is for a good cause and should get maximum publicity to encourage more long rows in aid of deserving charities.
    speaking from experience having rowed the old gig Sussex from Sennen to Scilly in aid of mencap the crew then ( cant remember the date but long ago) Peter Martin,Rob Spowart,John Bawden,David Nanacarrow,Ralph Bird,Me and the cox Anne Frost all very well known at the time all went on to do great things with the gigs. we continued rowing for mencap for the next few years raising funds for that particular charity.

  2. Anne CC

    They made it – 14 hours and 29 minutes.

    Having spoken to Derek Applewhite this morning (30th Sept) he said that they enjoyed their few pints in the Mermaid.

    Lets hope that they have a huge amount of sponsorship now for Children’s Hospice South West.

    Congratulations to all – rowers, support boats and anyone involved in with the organisation.

  3. Dave Pearce

    Thats great news Anne its good that the gigs can still cross that bit of water where other boats fail.
    glad that the Mermaid was able to offer the oasis.
    The year that we did it in the Sussex the support boat was the Sennen LIfeboat, they were coming half way but the weather cut up a bit so they stayed with us all the way, i do believe the Mermaid was of use then!
    Well done guys !

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