Newquay Men :: Day 2, Analysis, Pics & Results

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CaradonBrilliant final, wind freshened to a solid force 4 and made for a good lump for the final 6 crews. A huge start and first lap in 15:56 from Par Bay (Brisons) in the now much rougher conditions looked very ominous but Caradon (Azook), Mounts Bay (Zeus) and Fowey (Taran) kept in touch. Falmouth B (Hope) and Looe A (Merthen) both pressed on with the young Looe crew looking like they were taking a pounding in the conditions.

By the start of the second lap an excellent rounding saw Caradon close the gap. Then, sensing a chance to grab the inside line to the Eastern mark they put in an almightly push to overtake Par Bay and secure the turn. On the leg to the Western mark this time it was Mounts Bay who saw an opportunity to attack Par Bay.

The two blue gigs Brisons and Zeus sped towards the umpire boat stationed off the final turning mark where Mounts Bay would have to establish an overlap if they were to stand a chance. A surge just before the umpires saw them take the inside line into the turn and come out in second place.

On the final leg, with just 5 minutes left of the gruelling 30+ minute race, Caradon looked dominant with their gig Azook running with the steep chop and occasional swells. Then, closer to the finish line, a few times the bow of Azook buried into the back of the waves and water poured into her. Mounts Bay’s gig Zeus seemed to surf and cope better with the conditions and she accelerated off two swells just before the finish line closing the gap dramatically. Was all the work Caradon had put in at the start of the second lap about to be undone?

No, Caradon from Mounts Bay by about 7 seconds. 2nd lap in 16:37 for a total race time of 32:33 (GigRower stopwatch). Awesome performance from all crews, and, who’d have thought it – overtaking in the final – the levels of fitness are so high and the margins between crews so little, a great spectacle rounding off an excellent season’s racing.


Back on Quay now, here are a few pics, will get the remaining 1,000 + on Facebook later tonight when I get home, they will also be available for sale next week so watch this space (Pics by John & Paul). Well done to all crews for a fantastic weekend of racing … and a massive congratulations to Caradon for a brilliant row and well deserved win.  Lots more results, analysis, pics, videos and comments to follow ….


Download as PDF here


NQY Mens 09 FINAL table

NQY Mens 09 FINAL graph

Stats at the SEMI FINALS…(bold=heat winner)

So, what happened to Charlestown, Cattewater and Helford in the semi finals? They were all suddenly miles off the pace – a race too far or did the top 9 just hit another gear? A DQ for Falmouth A but their B crew was right on the money and pushing hard.

NQY Mens 09 SF table

NQY Mens 09 SF graph

Stats at the QUARTER FINALS…(bold = heat winner)

DQ a blow for Caradon B, they would have made the final and had a very good run at it by the looks of it. Notice the even spread of times as they reduce to the fastest – the mens fleet doesn’t seem to have the two or three dominant crews like the ladies fleet.

NQY Mens 09 QF table

NQY Mens 09 QF graph

(above graph shorter bars are better).

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  1. Dave Pearce

    A reasonable final at Newquay, a good race and did’nt Mounts Bay do well,
    Caradon professional push on the second round,
    Par good performance, thought they had it in the bag for a minute.
    Fowey and Falmouth B deserved to be in the final.

    Falmouth A, Disqualified not sure why, but then no one else seemed to know either, sorry boys I know the amount of commitment you have had for the last few weeks and how upsetting this is.

  2. Rich

    Good summary Dave.

    Certainly a lot of disqualifications this year. Some were deserved, but there is a definite feeling that umpires/committee were a little trigger happy on the calls. I think there is a growing feeling that it is time for the CPGA to review some of the racing rules, and perhaps the procedure for penalising crews. Some general thoughts:

    The last sentence of Rule 27 (holding up on marks) is ominous and contradictory to rule 20 (do whatever nec to avoid collisions). In any case, why would a cox of a winning boat try to purposely go around the race course slower?

    It would make more sense for the overlap rule (26) to be bow to transom (rather than coxes seat). Currently, marginal calls can result in boats being “committed” deeper inside, and in the do-da if the call is against them.

    It may be time to implement a protest/review/appeals system similar to that used in sailing races. With such a system, I think boats are only likely to get the harsh DQ punishment if there has truly been a foul or impediment to another boat, or a serious infringement like missing a mark. The current system of mysterious back-room, closed-door calls leaves a lot of people unsatisfied. There is a better way!

    • Matt

      The reason for a lead boat slowing on the marks are obvious, and have been going on for years.
      If you are the lead boat, mslowing on the turn either forces following boats to run wide, or with a bit of luck, causes an almighty pile up wich you can then row away from ?

  3. John Ryan

    A great race report Dave….you should do this for a living. I had to leave early yesterday and did n’t see the semis and final..any idea why Par got the dreaded DQ

    I guess the full results will be published shortly but would love to see the placings for the clubs in the QTRs and SEMIs.

    A great weekends work Dave..just what the sport needs

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