Caption Competion :: Win a some WineGums !

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The best caption for each pic wins a bag of Rowntrees Wine Gums …

Steve Quote:
gig racing cornwall

Kelly Quote:
kelly smiling

Toby Quote:

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  1. Seals

    Toby: “Oh s**t. They’ve taken the rowing boat out, now they’re coming after ME!”

    Kelly: “Urgh… I can still smell those portaloos from here”

  2. Nicky

    Toby’s pic
    ‘After being repremanded for giving the gig crews too much wash, Toby was drafted in to tow the follow boats around the course’.

    Kellys Pic:
    Kelly Crewes’ reaction to the news that the ‘Horrah’ man is to be presenting the trophies again this year

    Steve’s Pic:
    Steve Kent….bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘ruling the boat with an iron fist’

  3. Gary

    Steve “Doesn’t matter how hard I pull with my right arm, she won’t steer to starboard!”
    Kelly “I’m going to have to check when we get back ashore, I thought that egg sandwich was dodgy!”
    Toby “If you want to run me over as well you’ll have to try a bit harder boys!”

  4. Musto

    Steve “Come on! This mackerel spinner won’t work unless we go faster”

    Kelly “That’s my cushion on the shore isn’t it”

    Toby “Tow, tow, tow your boat…dum de-dum de-dum”

  5. Hutch (Jim Britian-Long)

    Steve – You push the damper in, you pull the damper out and the gig goes up the track just the same

    Kelly – oops, that one had a bit of gravy in it

    Toby- You see that bloke in the rib, you run him down I’ll grab his girlfriend

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