Newquay :: Live updates day 2

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16:46 :: County champions 2009. Falmouth!

newquay pilot gig championships 2009 winners falmouth

16:36 :: barring a major problem falmouth have a big lead from roseland and Caradon.

16:26 :: ladies final, falmouth and roseland sneaking ahead bunched toward the first mark.

16:07 :: 150m to go and Cadgwith push past. And, it’s Cadgwith by a length from Penryn and Helford. Then mounts bay, Devoran and Fowey. A top race for the U16s final.

16:03 :: Penryn Cadgwith Helford enter mark 2 all overlapping. A drag race to the finish.

16:00 :: about 7 mins to the first mark and Penryn just lead Cadgwith and Helford. Nose to tail.

15:49 :: after a quick recharge the u16 heat is ready – full course this time. Flags down! Mounts Bay broken hard pin straight away. Cadgwith and Penryn making the early running.

15:09 :: ladies and u16 finals soon. Ladies berths – Rock,Mounts bay, Caradon, Falmouth, Roseland, Truro. It’s been a long season, nearly there! Junior berths – Mounts Bay, Fowey, Devoran, Cadgwith, Penryn, Helford.

14:00 :: first 3 sub 17:00 to probably go through to the final barring DSQs.

13:50 :: mounts bay a length clear. If roseland and Caradon want it, now’s the time.

13:34 :: semis round 2, all to do. Very even heat. Roseland and mounts bay punching hard off the start. With Teign Newquay and Caradon close behind.

13:24 :: the heat is on. Fal A through in a 16:38 and currently a 17:18 would get you in as the fastest loser.

13:13 :: falmouth 6 length clear on the 2nd leg from rock a. Then 2 lengths cover the next 4.

12:59 :: semis underway. Good start for fal ladies in Taran in berth 1.

12:55 :: awaiting the draws for ladies and u16 semis. Falmouth, Caradon, roseland and mounts bay the ladies to watch.

10:43 :: Last race in ladies quarters just finishing, Caradon A looking good to set a good time. And, they do with a 16:00. Will anyone break 16 this afternoon?

10:07 :: falmouth reply with 10:34 to 2nd mark in race 2.

09:52 :: much faster today, roseland put in a 6:30 to the first mark and 10:51 to 2nd, 16:30 overall.

09:30 :: racing starts soon with ladies quarter finals. Some close draws especially race 1 and 3 promising tight finishes.

09:24 :: ‘there’s only one boat in the right place and that’s Zeus and Hope’

07:58 :: super calm this morning, Mounts Bay men’s A just getting a quick training session in before the first round.

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