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Thank you to Ryan for this report, results and pics, top job mate ๐Ÿ˜‰

As the Armada of Gig Rowers slowly gathered into Cawsand, the weather conditions looked promising as the rain managed to hold off.

The sea conditions couldn’t be anymore perfect, until you got round the first mark, and you hit an offshore wind that managed to blow against you all the way up the homeward leg.

Rame Pilot Gig Regatta 2009

In the Men’s A race, a photo finish for the Tribute Championships between Caradon A and Par A. Caradon just got to the line an inch infront and took the title for the season.

The Men’s B race saw some promising results again for Caradon taking the win clearly this time with a 7 second gap.

The under 16’s race was easily won by Penryn as they eased to vicotry with there strong crew.

Tribute Gig Race Rame

The Ladies A took to the water with some an opportunity for some of the less well known crews to prove themselves in heat 1, Mount’s Bay Ladies A eased to victory, but were only placed 3rd behind Roseland and Caradon, as they set a quicker time in the third heat.

The Ladies B race saw Falmouth winning with an impressive gap of 15 seconds between them and second (Caradon).

So after the Tribute Races were completed, the sun started showing signs of coming out, and the under 14’s took to the water with Looe’s crew living up to expectaitions and winning. The other races (Mixed and Vet’s) had a good show of strength with 26 lining up in the Veterans all heading to the first mark at the same time.

Rame Gig Pilot Champs 2009

The Men’s C and Ladies C races ended of the day nicely with a victory for Newquay in the Men’s, and a victory for Mount’s Bay in the Ladies.

A well run event, a lot of races to get in (sixteen), even though we started slightly late, we still finished at a good time. The evening then saw the presentation of Trophies and the annual armada of tents being erected as the rowers hit Cawsand for a few Shandies!

A brilliant day, well done Rame!

Results (Click to view larger)

Rame 2009 Results

Rame Results 2009 2

Thank you to Anne CC for these fantastic pics …

Rame Slidshow

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  1. Sarah


    Just a quick question how come in this report were the ‘lesser known crews’ NOT mentioned?? In the ladies A race mounts bay won with Teign 2nd and Charlestown finishing 3rd. Which puts all 3 crews as medal winners this year!!

    yet it is not even hinted at, just caradon and roseland coming from the back to finish 1st and 2nd fastest, I realise they are impressive however give credit where credits due Mounts bay, Teign and Charlestown were consistant and have come away with their best ever results!

    • Tinks

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment, the report was only the highlight and again I thank Ryan sending it through, it always hard keeping the site up to date and we are always looking for rowers to send in reports from events so if you ever fancy covering an event with a write up, some pics and the results then let me know. Credit should be given where it’s due and there are lots more results that deserve mentioning, we are in the process of putting a post together looking at this years Tribute Series results and this will be a good opportunity to cover some of the other results and not just the top crews. Cheers and maybe see you at Cadgwith / 2 Castles, cheers Toby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Charlotte

    Sarah, while I do agree with you that lesser known clubs should be mentioned more, i do think this website does a good job covering all aspects and levels of gig racing. I would like to point out however that Mounts Bay were 3rd on the day, they (we) did not win. Roseland won the ladies A race, with Caradon 2nd and that’s what the official results from the day will say. They didn’t come from the back, they simply rowed in a different heat and won fair and square. The report was about racing from the day only not the whole Tribute series, plus it was written by someone doing it as a favour, if they hadn’t there would have been no coverage at all. Thanks Ryan.

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