Quick soft hands?

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pu-super-grips-duoBare wooden handles? Hockey grips? Cricket bat grips? Nano, rubber, latex, electrical tape – everyone has their preference and no one wants to throttle the life out of the handle (and your forearms) when the going’s wet and rough but how to maintain a good connection?

Top tip – cleaning bare wood handles with water, detergent and a brush gets rid of all that sweaty palm oil and really livens up the grip.

Disposable grips – protect the wooden handles from excess wear and most like the feel. All sorts of grips are available from foamy “sticky” racquet grips to the rubber cricket bat grips.batgrip

Gloves – well, they might stop the blisters early on, but you have to grip harder rather than relax as your hand can rotate inside them a little especially when wet and you might put even more strain through your muscles. It takes a while but your own skin is remarkably resilient after a while, self repairing and free…

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Ever struggled putting cricket bat grips on? You’re not alone, those wooden cone spikes are pretty hostile. Try this little gadget (your friends will raise eyebrows if they’ve ever watched Austin Powers ‘tho!)kwikgrip

So, what grips do you use (if any). Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. We use the Karakal grips in the first pictures, two of them per paddle, taped up at each end and in the middle. Works very well, find a light sand when changing grips also makes a difference and takes some of the muck off and means fresh wood for the adhesive to stick to.

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