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:: Report ::

Mevagissey Gig Club produced an enjoyable and well run event at Pentwewan Sands. Writing this report as the sun sets over the valley above the beach where calm has replaced the intensity of the day’s racing. Your GigRower reporter took part in the mens racing then helped out on the start boat for an enjoyable few hours with Mike, Gordon, Lindsay, Len, 5 burgers, Richard and Tristan – it was good to get an alternative view of the start of a race and it gives you plenty to think about. The brisk sidewind at the start made for challenging conditions at times with boats sliding downwind towards the start boat.

It was possibly a longer course this time round although this may have had something to do with the headwind on the last two legs. The fastest full-course time recorded was 12:54 (Par Bay) compared to 10:52 at Falmouth Tribute event, that’s nearly 20% longer.

Provisional results : (visit for official results)
Mens-A … Par Bay took the honours followed by Caradon and Falmouth.
Mens-B … Caradon, Falmouth, Mounts Bay
Mens-C … Mounts Bay, Falmouth, Helford
U16 … Penryn, Mounts Bay, Helford
Ladies-A … Mounts Bay, Charlestown, Rock
Ladies-B … Caradon, Falmouth, Mounts Bay
Ladies-C … Newquay, Flushing & Mylor, Falmouth
U14 … Looe, Fowey, Pendeen
Veterans … Roseland, Helford, Falmouth
Mixed … Mounts Bay, Roseland, Mounts Bay

:: Pics ::

[flickr album=72157619959897931 num=36 size=Square]

Provisional results from the beach board…


:: Info ::

Saturday 20th June :: Round 2 of the 2009 Tribute Series hosted by Mevagissey Gig Club at Pentewan Beach. Coxwain’s meeting 12:30pm, first race 1:00pm.

Yet another top location to see gig racing close up and personal. All the action takes place just off the beach, there are good facilities to hand and if the weather’s good the beach will be very busy. Camping and caravans welcome at Pentewan Sands (01726-843485).

Race order :: Mens A/B/C, U16, Ladies A/B/C, U14, Veterans, Mixed.



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No Comments on "Tribute Series :: Mevagissey – Report, Info"

  1. NewVet

    As a relatively new ‘vet’ I am really struck by how we seem to often be treated as a bit of an afterthought at the end of a long day’s other races.

    Some of us have trained just as hard as the A and B teams and, although not as good as them, deserve to have a serious race to compete in at these events if we have made the effort to be there.

    On Saturday, we were all shoved into one race (Mixed, Ladies and Mens Crews). For us Ladies it was dispiriting to obviously be overtaken by the majority so quickly when we could easily have had our own race shortly after the men. We even ended up having to race a shorter course than the other races as there were not enough officials to include 4 bouys.

    Furthermore, after the event it always seems hard to ever find out our times and finishing positions as these are not given priority to be published by the CPGA or officiating club.

    I wonder if anyone else feels the same?

  2. M

    There weren’t four bouys anyway – only Marks 1,2 and 3 so not sure what the problem there is? You raced the full senior course.

    I think its unfair to say you were shoved all into one race. Vets races generally are like that – some clubs will put on separate Vets races for Mens and Ladies – usually at the sacrafice of another race. It’s how it works I’m afraid.

    If we had a race for every category going, Gig events would end up like CRA events with about 15 races and everyone still racing at 9pm at night. You can’t fit it all in and the days are already long enough.

    And I think it’s down to the host club to supply all the results and times – not the CPGA.

  3. steve

    You clearly have never been to a CRA event – 17 races and all over in about 4 hours because they are well organised!

    And, the vets didn’t do the full course, they missed out the second mark and had to avoid the umpire boat that was on the racing line.

  4. The main reason as to why it dragged on was the starting, the length in between each heat was far too much, at our event we set the second heat off at 2.5 minutes after the first. If you have the top heats going first, you haven’t got much chance of a crew from a lower heat catching one up, so why wait til they are nearly round the course? There was the added confusion of the startline being setup wrong, thus meaning the Men’s A race was delayed starting. The Second heat of the Men’s A wasn’t set off until the first had finished. Why?

    F.A.O CRA events run quicker because the races are only 5-10 minutes long, and usually alternate between Flashboats and Skiffs, thus meaning crews for the next race can get out on the water sooner, so not really relevant to this point.

    On another point, we have a lot of juniors developing through and getting into our Men’s crews, thus meaning that they usually row the Men’s B/C race, stay in the boat and then go and row the junior race. Maybe the Under 16 race should be a bit more detached from the Men’s B race, not after the Ladies B, because thats just as unfair, but maybe first? Or after the mixed/vets?


  5. M

    That point didn’t come over quite so well – I was inferring if Gig events had more races they wouldn’t finish until 9pm.

    I’m well aware of CRA events – Durgan and Mousehole certainly weren’t over in 4 hours!

  6. Kaz

    Does anyone know why the CPGA website has taken 1 minute 10 seconds off the times for the Ladies C at Mevagissey? It means that most ladies C crews appear to have beaten their B crews and in the case of Newquay their Ladies C have beated their A and B crews.

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