This time last year :: Gig towed to Scilly

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Just prior to the 2008 World Championships last year Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club decided to tow their gig to Scilly.  The Steamship Co had been having trouble with the the Gry Maritha that ships the Gigs out to Scilly for the world championships and so a few volunteers from Flushing & Mylor decided to make the most of a fine forecast and towed their boat out to the islands themselves. In the end all the gigs made it to Scilly and the Steamship Compay did a great job to clear the back log.

Early start, coffee at Penzance on the drive down.

Carefully wheel the gig down to the water (the RIB had already been launched)

Cape GC advised a cover over the bow section in case any lumpy wet stuff made it in.


About 1/2 way and steady progress of about 10 knots.


Wanted to row the last bit in although just two up it’s quite a lump.


Simply beautiful, quiet surroundings greeted us. Pete Hicks helpfully pointed out we were two weeks early.


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